Using Castor Oil For Hair

How to Use Castor Oil For Hair

Dry Hair

Using Castor oil for hair can be a wonderful for extremely dry hair. It can be used as a great conditioning moisturizer. To avoid greasy hair, a person should start with using very little Castor oil for hair that may be prone to this get greasy. It is recommended to start with just a teaspoon and mix it with regular conditioner for an additional deep conditioning treatment.

Split Ends

Applying a little Castor oil on the ends of hair will make them shiny and healthy. Regular haircuts after using Castor oil for hair ends will show little to no split ends. Castor oil for hair that is longer or thicker is perfect for assisting with this problem.

Hair Loss

Castor oil benefits hair in growing it and thickening it. Applying it directly to the roots of the scalp can actually help stimulate hair growth. It also can help with hair that is thinning to start thickening and re-growing lost hair. Another way to promote hair growth is to use a Castor oil pack that is heated and apply directly on the head. It will typically take about six times of doing this before a person will notice results.

Eyelashes and Eyebrows

Another creative use of Castor oil for hair growth is applying it to eyebrows and eyelids to grow thicker eyelashes and eyebrows. Rubbing this on the base of an eyelid and on the brows should be done before bedtime. This has been said to help replenish thinning brows and lashes. Many commercially available products that promise fuller lashes and brows contain Castor oil in their ingredients.