Castor Oil for Skin

Castor Oil for Skin Can Help With Multiple Issues

Many beauty products on the market today contain Castor oil for skin rejuvenation. But simply wanting beautiful looking skin is not the only reason to use Castor oil for skin. There are many other healing benefits of Castor oil for skin. It is recommended to use a high quality cold press Castor oil when using it on your skin.

Dry Skin

People living in especially colder climates or who are just prone to more dry skin have benefited for applying Castor oil on their skin. Massaging it over dry areas of the skin can help skin not to crack. It is recommended that after applying it onto the skin to soak the skin in hot water, which helps the skin to get soft and smooth the dry areas.

Skin Infections

It is recommended to consult a physician or dermatologist if you have a skin infection or suspect you have an infection. However, the use of Castor oil for skin has been proven to be a powerful home remedy to cure skin diseases. Castor oil for skin infections provides a natural antibacterial substance, which can help heal skin disorders. Using Castor oil for skin infections such as itching, inflammation and irritations can ease the soreness and nuisance of uncomfortable skin. Another way to treat a skin disease with this oil is to soak Castor oil on a cloth and wrap the area and keep it on overnight.

Skin Acne

Most would not consider putting oil on skin that is already affected by acne. However, many anti-acne products actually contain Castor oil. For skin affected by acne it can be a powerful treatment. Is actually can heal the skin and abolish blemishes and acne.

Skin Moles and Polyps

Skin moles should be taken seriously. They typically should be seen by a physician to be certain they are not cancerous. Usually moles are a brown color, but often skin polyps or a skin tag is not brown. Doctors can remove moles by freezing them or surgical removal. Castor oil for skin moles can be used to get rid of skin moles and polyps. The easiest way to use Castor oil for skin moles or polyps is to mix a small amount of the oil and baking soda and make a paste. Spread this on the mole or polyp three to five times daily and do this routine daily until the mole or polyp vanishes.